Lutax 20 Lutein Food Supplement 30’s per box

    • 799 ₱

Lutax 20 containing a large amount of lutein is a soft capsuled supplement which makes it easy to swallow. One capsule provides 20mg lutein that cannot be produced in the human body.

One capsule contains 20 mg of lutein.

1. It is a high-quality supplement, focusing on the lutein content.

2. It comes in a small soft capsule which makes it easy to swallow.

3. It is individually packaged, hygienic and handy to carry around.

4. It is manufactured in a factory certified with GMP* for supplements

* Good Manufacturing Practice: A standard established by the competent authority based on the guideline of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan. Amounts of vegetables containing 20mg of lutein (recommended daily dose of Lutax 20): 1.3 bunches of spinaches (about 200g); 4.2heads of broccolis (about 1.1kg); 4.4 heads of leaf lettuces (about 1.1kg)