Frame Measurement

What Are Frame Measurement?
The horizontal diameter of one lens. Doctors may refer to this as “Eye Size”. Measure the lens horizontally, at its widest point.
The part that goes across the bridge of your nose—hence the name. Measure horizontally, at the top of the bridge, from the edge of one lens to the other.
The measure of the entire horizontal front of the frame. Measure horizontally across including any lug or hinge pieces that stick out on the sides.
3 1.png
The arms of the frame and the bend behind your ear. Measure from the hinge — where the arm connects — to the spot where the arm begins to bend down around the ear. Measure from the top of the bend to the bottom tip. Add the two sections for the total temple arm length.
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What Are Frame Measurement?
Buying glasses online may be a problem for some, but there’s no need to worry! It’s easy to find your frame measurements to ensure you’re getting the right fit. Inside the arm of your eyeglasses will be three important numbers. They look something like: 54-18-140, which reads as 54 mm lens width, 18 mm bridge width and 140 mm temple arm length.
The most important dimension— the frame width—will not be printed. You can get the frame width by doubling the lens width and adding the bridge width. For 54-18-140, the frame width will be 54 mm * 2 + 18 mm, which equals 126 mm.
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Once you have the measurements for your frame dimensions, you can now shop to your heart’s desire and find that perfect pair of glasses in our store!